Getting back into shape on Paul Ridge – Garibaldi BC

Well where do you go when you are out of shape and the snow stability is unsafe? “Paul Ridge” of course. With 10cm of fresh snow, I linked up with my boys and heading out for my first full day tour. Usually I am at the back of the pack because I like to snap a photo from time to time. This was not the case this time. Wow was I out of shape. On the plus side this was a real wake up to dig deep and get in shape. If you are beginner to the touring world this is a great place to get started. Continue reading

NATURE CALLS EP 9 – Mount Seymour Peak 2

My bro Andrew Maitland and I headed up to local mountain Mount Seymour for our first tour on the splitboards for the season. As we reached the top I set my eyes on this line and was supported by my brother to go get it. The sun was out, snow pack was stable & I was feeling it. A great start to what is going to be an unbelievable year. Enjoy!

New FURTHER Trailer – Jeremy Jones

This J Jones film has been the most anticipated film for me to date. Check out the the NEW trailer for this project here. I might just have to host a party for this film release come Fall. More on FURTHER Continue reading

A Skier’s Journey – Jordan Manley

I am super hyped on Mr. Manley’s work. His creative eye put’s you in a place that makes you want to drop what you are doing and experience the world. Jordan is based out of my home town (Vancouver – Whistler). Take a look at some of his recent films below. Continue reading

Mount Chief Pascal – Pemberton BC

This past weekend was a big weekend for my brothers and I. Sometimes all of the stars align the night before and you wake up to experiance a day like we did. This was my first tour to the peak of Mount Chief Pascal and will not be the last. Enjoy a few shots that I took and a video of my friends run at the end. Godspeed! Continue reading