NATURE CALLS EP 9 – Mount Seymour Peak 2

My bro Andrew Maitland and I headed up to local mountain Mount Seymour for our first tour on the splitboards for the season. As we reached the top I set my eyes on this line and was supported by my brother to go get it. The sun was out, snow pack was stable & I was feeling it. A great start to what is going to be an unbelievable year. Enjoy!

NATURE CALLS EP8 – Premature Pow

To celebrate my best friends birthday we decided to tackle our first shred day of the year at Whistler. 84cm in the past 48 hours set up for an epic start to the season. Here are a couple clips from the day. Enjoy! Continue reading

Arc’teryx Birds Nest Project – Keeping Vancouver Homeless Dry

I really love seeing successful companies like Arc’teryx (outdoor equipment) getting creative and reaching out the some of the less fortunate people in our home Vancouver BC. In this short film below Arc’teryx shares with you how this project got started. For more info > Arc’teryx Birds Nest Project

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A Lang Bay Dream – Andrew Maitland

Posted By: Andrew Maitland

I was the luckiest kid ever and got to spend my summers on a little slice of heaven in Powell River.  There I met a friend for life.   We would skimboard all day, fish and wakeboard at night.  You couldn’t drag us off the beach.  I remember my mom would whistle from the porch.. this meant i had to take a break from skimming and head to the cabin to eat lunch and put on more sun screen.. but more often than not I ‘couldn’t hear’ any whistling and she would have to track me down on the shoreline to make sure I had some food in my stomach.  To this day Lang Bay makes me feel like that 12 year old kid
running around on the sand. There’s probably no place I’d rather be. Continue reading

Wedge Mountain Summit – Expedition Training

Posted By: Mark Therriault

It was about seven weeks ago that I went to the Wedge for my first apline experience to train for Everest. My trip was filled with fear, as well as excitment. The day before we were about to attempt the summit, I had a sick feeling in my stomach, all of these thoughts of death, the fact that if I died on the Glacier on my first alpine climb, how everyone would laugh at the fact that I was going to attempt Everest. Continue reading